Woodward County Highpoint Trip Report

one area by radio tower with BM (2,544 ft)

Date: November 24, 2007
Authors: Dave and Beckie Covill, John Mitchler

Andy Martin and Walt O’Neill posted Trip Reports previously, but Walt’s report doesn’t jive with the terrain and roads at all and Andy’s is very brief.

If coming from the west, proceed east of Arnett OK on US 60 for 10.8 miles. If coming from the east, proceed west of Harmon OK on US 60 for 1.0 mile. Either way, arrive at a fair gravel road signed as "NS 192 RD" on the north. This county road is passable by a 2WD vehicle in most conditions. Proceed due north on NS 192 for 2.0 miles, turn right (east), and drive 0.3 mile along a fair dirt road to a fence corner. You will have by now noticed a prominent hill to the south, rising up about 50 feet from the road network, and crowned by a radio tower and small shack.

There is an old fence along the south side of the county road which can be easily breached or passed through by a gate at the 0.5 mile mark (although this necessitates walking back west-southwest for about 0.3 mile through scrub sage and brush). One should request permission from an occupant of a farm house which is a short ways east of here on the road.

Proceed south uphill to the high ground, crowned by a tower. Find BM Brown 1963, about 30 feet east of the tower in the open grass. You are here. No path to the top was noticed in any direction.