Clackamas County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: June 9, 2007
Author: Shannon Dillmore

Woke up from a 3 hour sleep at 12:30 am in the Timberline parking lot. Threw on our gear, and met at the day lodge at 1:30. Took the cat up to 8500 feet and started climbing at 2:15 with crampons on from the start. A gorgeous cold, clear night. Was treated to a moonrise over the Steel Cliffs and stars all around.

As daylight hit, we short-roped up while looking at a lenticular cloud forming over Hood's shoulder and our guide led us up the old chute. We didn't set foot on the Hogsback, as two huge crevasses were already opened there. We dropped down onto some sandy rock, then straight up the old chute. Crampons had a lot of bite on the snow and we shot straight up though the easternmost gully (about a 45 degree slope). Reached the summit soon after, at 7:15. Weather was forecast to deteriorate and it sure did. Grey clouds and wind hit and, after a short 5 minutes on the summit, we headed along a very narrow ridge with high exposure about 150 feet west of the gully we ascended.

We descended rather quickly, unroped at the bottom of the Hogsback, and trudged on down. By 9 am, the summit was socked in and we were glad we were off it. Reached the parking lot at 11:30, with a surprising amount of energy left.

The climb was very enjoyable but less strenuous than I though it'd be.