Columbia County High Point Trip Report

Long Mtn (2,265 ft)

Date: March 1997
Author: Ken Jones

This wooded summit in the Coast Range is harder to find than to climb.

After trying approach roads from the north and east (some of which would be open during hunting season, but were gated when we were there) we ended up south of the peak. From Hwy 26 just east of SR 47, we headed north to and on Green Mountain Road and eventually worked our way onto Bacona Road. Just north of Bacona (a single building, as I recall) at the fork marked 2012 on the 1979 Bacona quad, a rock road goes east. This was signed (3/97) as closed due to active logging. We worked our way to the junction ENE of there (labeled 1892) and followed the road north. I wouldn't want to drive it, and in places it would be impassable to 4WD.

Our hiking route up is not recommended. On the way down, we discovered that the road shown on the quad ending at about 2040' north of the peak actually continues west, then switchbacks east to the summit. We followed this road west for several hundred yards, then dropped cross-country to hit the southern road ("Corral Mainline") at about the boundary between Ranges 3 and 4 West. From there we followed the (badly eroded and washed out, then better) road back to our car. A pool in the middle of the road was swarming with newts.