Columbia County High Point Trip Report

Long Mountain (2,265 ft)

Date: November 11, 2001
Author: Trapper Robbins

Previous reports were useful. Here is some additional detail on the drive: From Route 26 (0.0m), go north towards Buxton. Pass church on left (at 0.6 mile) as leaving Buxton on Bacona Road. Pass Genzer Road on left (at 3.9 miles). Pass side roads and gate on left in clear-cut (at 6.1 miles). Pass road on right (at 6.7 miles). Come to clear-cut on right, blue gate on left, and "Road Closed" sign (at 8.2 miles); immediately after this, bear left at junction (at 8.3 miles). Pass nice house on right and reach junction "2012" at Bacona (at 9.6 miles). Go right here on the smaller road. Continue to junction "1892" and park (at 10.4 miles).

We took the route Jeff Howbert describes: Go north on old road/pipeline for about 0.5 mile then east-northeast up clear-cut to top. We explored the area (including in the woods behind the clear-cut); the top is in the open area.

As Ken Jones notes, there is a good gravel road at the top but we don't know where it comes from.

Round trip: 1.6 miles, 400 feet of gain.