Coos County High Point Trip Report

Mount Bolivar (4,329 ft)

Date: June 13, 2003
Author: Bob Bolton

From Mary's Peak we drove to Eugene where we got onto I-5 south. By this time it was getting quite late, and we had lots of back-road driving to do. We exited at Riddle and drove southwest on Cow Creek Road until we came to the junction of the West Fork Cow Creek road, turning right on that road. Using the Benchmark Maps Road and Recreation Atlas for Oregon (competitor for DeLorme and easier to read, though having less detail), we tried to follow the best route to the Mt. Bolivar TH. However, there seemed to be troubles with at least one of the road numbers in the atlas, so we were somewhat lost for some of this drive. However, all came out OK as we kept honing in to the area using our GPS way points for Mt. Bolivar.

Arriving at the TH at around 3:45 AM, we pitched the tent and crashed, awaking around 7 to the sounds of drizzle hitting the rain fly.

The drizzle came and went, but the trees and brush were soaked, so we donned rain gear and trudged up the 1.4-mile trail to the top of Bolivar, all in fog. The forest was very attractive, with blooming wild rhododendron and many other flowers, but the views were non-existent. Returning to the rig we folded up the still-soaked rain fly and hoped it might dry out some during the day.

summit GPS-derived coordinates (42.79199° N, 123.83509° W) - datum?