Crook County High Point Trip Report

Date: August 17, 2002
Author: Bob Bolton

I slept in the back of my 4-Runner near an all-night restaurant so I could get an early, hearty breakfast. Then it was east to Lookout Mountain. At the summit I walked straight to where it looked like the BM should be, and found only a hole in a rock where a BM had once been. Since I didn't see anything labeled 6926 (as in Ken Jones' 1997 report) I spent quite a bit of time traipsing around the ridge, visiting the northern bumps as well. Near the missing BM were two other markers without elevations, one of which was underneath an OLD piece of wood on which was carved 6911. Anyway, that extra time may have cost me a 5th HP that day. Started at 7:00, returned at 8:50.