Curry County High Point Trip Report

Brandy Peak (5,298 ft)

Date: November 10, 2001
Authors: Trapper Robbins and Roxanne Everett

There is now a trail that goes close to this summit; it looks new and wasn't likely available when Ken Jones made his ascent in 1997.

Just south of Galice, go west on Galice Road, signed to "Agnes" (0.0 mile). This road eventually becomes FS#23 when it enters the National Forest. Stay on the main paved road and follow signs to Agnes. Before Bear Camp, turn left on dirt road FS#2308 (at 20.4 miles). Follow this dirt road southwest to the saddle on the ridge northeast of Brandy Peak (at 23.9 miles). Park here (at 4,680 feet).

The well-graded Bear Camp Ridge Trail (#1147) has switchbacks southwest up the ridge and around the southeast side of point 5,240+ to just below the gap at 5,160 feet. Then the trail contours at about the 5,100-foot level east of the summit and drops into the broad saddle south of the top. You can leave the trail anywhere along the traverse and go west to the top. (We went up in an open area southeast of the top and down on the northeast ridge.)

Round trip: 2 miles, 600 feet of gain.

Note that it took us about 2 hours to drive from the Curry county highpoint to the Coos county highpoint by going west on #23 to Agnes, north on #33, and back east on #3348 to the Mt Bolivar trailhead.