Klamath County High Point Trip Report

Mt Thielsen (9,182 ft)

Date: June 1981
Author: Ken Jones

Refer to entries for Douglas county to climb this highpoint.

There is some confusion about the location of the county line in this area. The law creating Klamath county defines a line "to the summit of the Cascade Mountains; thence southerly along said summit" which is the applicable part of the definition in this vicinity. The Klamath county engineer's office places the boundary on the summit of Mt. Thielsen, and the Douglas county surveyor agrees that the two counties share the summit. However, the USGS mappers have drawn the boundary about 100 feet east, where the watershed line would be.

If you feel a need to visit the USGS-mapped location, follow the directions for Douglas county. After summiting, you can head east out the airy ridge until you feel you've reached the watershed.