Malheur County High Point Trip Report

BM Stevenson (8,027 ft)

Date: July 22, 2002
Author: Barney Metz

Adam Helman and myself went to Frenchglen, OR and south on OR-205. We went left and east on Whitehorse Ranch Road. We tried to approach Mahleur from the west, but we could never make the road connections that we needed in this extremely desolate land. We continued west on the Whitehorse Ranch Road to US-95. Proceeded south and followed Ken Jones's accurate trip report to the CoHP.

Note: This route was extremely rocky and tough. I have a high clearance vehicle and four wheel drive and this was not an easy route. I have no idea how Andy martin or Ken Jones drove passenger cars up there if that was the vehicle they used. There are many cow roads up there that local ranchers use to tend their herds. Due to the sheer poor condition of the road we decided to try to drop down to Trout Creek to the west and come out in McDermitt, NV. The road was in overall better condition, but high clearance vehicle would be highly recommended. I lost the notes on how to get there from McDermitt, it is longer in distance, but slightly better in road conditions.

As we were heading down from the BM Stevenson to Trout Creek, we had a flat. We tenderly limped along the road until we hit Disaster Peak Road -- low and behold we had another flat. We walked about 4 miles along this road to McDermitt before a rock hound who gave us a ride into McDermitt picked us up. We ended up spending the night in McDermitt while Robert Mitchell, the local mechanic, gave a ride the next morning to Winnemucca, NV to have the tires replaced. We finally had the Suburban up and running 18 hours later. We headed north to Canyon CoHP.

Trip statistics: 1/4 mile round trip, less than 100 ft of elevation gain.