Malheur County High Point Trip Report

USGS BM Stevenson (8,027 ft)

Date: July 7, 2002
Author: Michael Schwartz

I followed Ken Jones' 1998 report, and have only a couple of comments. The turnoff from US 95 is almost exactly 15 miles north of the state line and was signed as Oregon Canyon Road, unnumbered. With one exception, Ken's mileage is very accurate. The first ten miles is decent dirt, but after that the road gets nasty. On the way out, knowing the road and pushing to beat the darkness, it took 1:34 from summit to US 95. This area is very isolated, and if one broke down near the summit, it would be a 20 mile walk out to the ranch passed at about the ten-mile point.

From the intersection at 26.4 miles, is it only 3.0 miles to the parking spot 1/4 mile from the summit, not 3.5 as reported by Ken. Total mileage to parking therefore is 29.4 rather than 29.9 miles. I double checked this on the way out. Regardless, it's obvious where to park, as the road starts to descend steeply as reported by Ken. At the summit, see the BM and a large cairn with a glass jar register inside placed by John Vitz on 6/1/02.