Malheur County Highpoint Trip Report

BM Stevenson (8,027 ft)

Date: June 23, 2004
Authors: Peter and Mary Green

We approached from the east, consistent with previous trip reports, after spending a delightful evening in the refurbished Diamond Hotel in Diamond (population 5). The roads past the Oregon Canyon Ranch were steep and a little rough. The roads are easily negotiable in a high clearance vehicle. Four wheel drive is helpful but not necessary. We found the wildflowers to be among the best we had ever seen. Combined with the true remoteness of this highpoint, it made for a vivid and beautiful experience.

On our descent, we decided to drop west toward the Whitehorse Ranch. To do this, we traveled back north on the ridge top road and watched carefully for a road leading west. We found it (6301-0-00) near the point where sections 27, 28, 33 and 34 meet: UTM zone 11 (415984 E, 4676363 N) using the Vale District BLM recreation guide. [Webmaster comment - which datum for the UTM values?]

At first, the road is rough and confusing but it soon becomes quite good. It is less traveled than the road from the east but is in better condition. It is 14.4 miles from the junction at the top of this road to the bottom where it meets county road 203 at Camp Smith.

To find this road from the west, travel the Whitehorse Ranch Road (203) northeast from highway 205 about 28 miles until just past the ranch. The road you want leaves 203 about 40 feet west of an informational sign describing Camp Smith and heads southeast. The road is unmarked but prominent.