Morrow County Highpoint Trip Report

Black Mountain (5,932 ft)

Date: June 11, 2006
Author: Ken Russell

Directions are as per Barney Metz. I would add that the county road that becomes FS 5326, is now signed "Morrow County 798". The sign is kind of hidden behind the low maintenance warning sign, although the road was in excellent shape. Also, FS 030 branches off to the north and left, not the south.

Had a nice walk to the summit. Spotted a cow elk near the first switchback. When I told her I was county highpointing, she fled into the woods. County highpoint number 40; and number 9 in Oregon.

I recommend stopping at the park on the north side of Heppner to read the display board about the Heppner Flood that nearly destroyed the entire town, years ago. This is one of the primary reasons the Willow Creek Dam was built.