Multonomah County High Point Trip Report

Buck Peak

Date: July 19, 2003
Author: Dean Molen

Using Jobe Wymore's fine trip report for inspiration, I met my son-in-law and his brother at Lolo pass to tackle this relatively unknown peak that is just off the Pacific Crest Trail.

As we were getting ready to head north from the pass (Northwest Trail pass required) parking area, a Subaru with Washington plates pulled up and parked nearby. The occupant then grabbed a day pack out of the back seat and approached me with the query about if "Is this the trail to Buck Peak?" Well, only a county highpointer would have had a specific goal of Buck Peak or even known about Buck Peak so I asked her if she was a county highpointer. Indeed, she was. She turned out to be none other than Roxanne of Trapper and Roxanne fame. She asked who I was and knew immediately that I was the one who often teamed up with Bob Bolton. I marveled at the timing of our meeting as if we had left a few minutes earlier or arrived a few minutes later, the question of "Is this the trail to Buck Peak?" would not probably have happened and we wouldn't have known that each other was into county highpointing.

We had an enjoyable (except for the miserable zillions of mosquitoes and the heat) hike to Buck Peak and we shared many stories along the way.

The summit of Buck Peak is accessed from the PCT by a trail that is signed and in dire need of maintenance but is still easy to follow to the summit. The summit itself is a spectacular viewpoint for Mt. Hood with views north to Mt. Adams from a small camping spot.

There is no water to be found on this trail after you cross a small stream about a quarter mile from Lolo Pass so be sure to carry what you'll need.

Elevation gain from Lolo Pass to Buck Peak is deceptive. It appears to be 1,300+ ft from the map but with all of the ups and downs along the way, it is probably more like 2,300 feet cumulative.

15 miles round-trip. I drank 3 quarts of water.