Polk County High Point Trip Report

Laurel Mtn (3,589 ft)

Date: October 1997
Author: Ken Jones

This drive-up summit has an FAA station on top, and the road is clearly posted as federal property with a "Trespassers will be prosecuted" sign. After some research, I tracked down a phone number for the station - (503) 787-3582 [I believe the area code has changed by now]. When I called, they said I was welcome to visit as long as I called first and let them know when I'd be there. When they have unannounced visitors they might call the sheriff; I'd advise an advance phone call before visiting.

After scheduling your visit with the station inhabitants, access this one from tiny Falls City, Oregon. Take the main road west out of town up the Little Luckiamute River, past Camp Tapawing and the Gerlinger State Forest. The road turns north around Riley Peak, and about 3 miles later is a junction on the right leading to the FAA tower. The gate is about 3/4 mile from the junction; if it's not open you'll have to walk the last mile. Sorry; I don't have a mileage log for this one. You stay on the main road until the Laurel Mtn. junction, but a map may be helpful in a few spots in determining which is the main road.

[Continuing on the roads past the Laurel Mtn junction it is possible to come into the vicinity of the SW possibility for Lincoln county's highpoint. Careful map work is advised, but I think it could work.]