Sherman County High Point Trip Report

unnamed area just north of the Wasco county line (3,000+ ft)

Date: February 28, 2003
Author: Bob Bolton

We followed Ken Jones' advice and parked along US97 near the county line. After crossing the fence on the east side of the highway we ascended to the old RR bed and could see the hunting "camp" referred to by Jeff Howbert, but it was obviously not occupied. We angled southeast through the intervening draw to avoid the steepest territory and a pond at the bottom, then climbed the far side and found the road that runs along the county line. Two opened-and-closed gates later, the GPS pointed unerringly to the slight knoll where a small cairn was quickly located. I put the GPS on the cairn and photographed it, took a few "scenery" shots, then we returned to the rig.

These HPs were definitely not exciting country, but it was great to get out there in the middle of winter and get this kind of result. The incredible lack of snow is sobering for this coming summer, so here's hoping for some big, cold storms in the northwest during late winter and early spring! Unfortunately the 10-day forecast predicts more of the same - partly cloudy with highs in the mid 50s.

GPS data -

8 satellites, open sky
15 minutes accuracy (?)
(45.08411° N, 120.65984° W)
2,994 ft elevation (and thereabouts)