Umatilla County High Point Trip Report

Date: August 17, 2002
Author: Bob Bolton

I watched the deep red sunset on the Texas Bar Road connecting US395 and FR52 south of the Ukiah junction. As the twilight deepened I was "treated" to yet another vast burn while driving east on FR52 toward the Tower Mountain road. FR5226 is narrow, too narrow to pass another vehicle for most of the 8-9 miles to the summit. The wind had come up in the evening, and with all the burned snags it was no surprise to find a tree lying suspended over the road. The tree was maybe 5 inches in diameter, and looked movable. I checked the root end and discovered that it was under a larger log which kept it from laying flat on the road. A short heave and the tree fell the rest of the way to the ground, and any car could have driven over it.

At the summit, well after dark at almost 9:30, I was surprised to see that it was "manned". They were a very friendly couple, proving it by helping a late-coming sojourner find and photograph the BM, and stand on the highest rock, with their flashlight. They seemed at least mildly interested in our hobby. On the way down that narrow road I nearly rammed a huge elk that jumped out into the road immediately in front of me. I then weaved among the cattle on the road to Ukiah and found a quiet place to park for another night's sleep.