Wallowa County High Point Trip Report

Sacajawea Pk (9,838 ft)

Date: August 1999
Author: Ken Jones

The highest point in northeastern Oregon, with corresponding views. Could be done as a long day hike; also makes a relatively relaxed overnight trip.

From Enterprise, Oregon, head south through Joseph to the south end of Wallowa Lake via state route 82. Where the road forks at the south end of the lake, head south to the end of the road and the trailhead.

The hike follows the trail up the West Fork of the Wallowa River for 2.8 miles, then takes the well marked Ice Lake trail through 5 miles of switchbacks to (surprise) Ice Lake. From the major inlet stream at the west end of the lake, a climbers' path leads up Matterhorn. This can be used part way to gain the ridge, which can be followed to Sacajawea Peak from wherever you hit it. There are some steep, loose bits along the way. A more direct route to Sacajawea, heading northwesterly from the end of Ice Lake, will go but has more scree slogging.

Based on historical mapping, it has been suggested that Matterhorn could be higher than Sacajawea. There are four candidate spots with closed 9800' contours. The one 100 yards WSW of the 9838' summit of Sacajawea Peak can be ignored. It is clearly 10 or more feet lower. The one just NW of the 9826' summit of Matterhorn is a close contender with the marked Matterhorn summit, but I'd estimate it at 9824' or 9825'. Careful backsighting between Matterhorn and Sacajawea makes it clear that the USGS has it right on the current 7-1/2 minute quadrangle. The 9838' summit of Sacajawea Peak is taller than Matterhorn, and is the highest point in Wallowa county.