Washington County Highpoint Trip Report

two summits on Saddle Mountain (3,464 and 3,440+ ft)

Date: February 11, 2006
Author: Ken Russell

I mostly followed Dean Molen's directions to approach this twin peak. I may have taken a slightly different route through sections 36 and 1 as I turned right at the first Y which dropped steeply to a creek crossing (Devils Lake Fork?) and then climbed to a triangle intersection where I turned right again. This road crossed over Deyoe Creek and continued for some ways to another triangle intersection near the section 1 - 2 boundary. Turn left and you should come to a T intersection with the Beaver Dam Road. Turn right and follow to the Saddle Mountain left turn. The turn comes shortly after a big gravel stockpile which completely covers what used to be the leg of the Saddle Mountain Road coming in from section 24.

I had expected snow to stop me around the 2000 foot level but I was able to make it almost to the 3000 foot level, with my Dakota, before parking. Other 4X4s had driven all the way to the saddle but the snow was good for walking and I didn't want to risk a huge tow bill. On the summits, the snow was about a foot deep in exposed areas and up to 2 feet in sheltered spots. The crust was strong and I seldom sank in.