Wheeler County High Point Trip Report

Spanish Pk (6,871 ft)

Date: August 1997
Author: Ken Jones

Lots and lots of dirt road driving. Expansive views.

On U.S. route 26, about 12 miles east of Mitchell or 16 miles west of the junction with SR 19, find forest route 12 (mileages estimated throughout). Follow route 12 for about 12 miles to a junction and turn left (east) on FR 1250. Follow this for about 3 miles to FR 38. Turn left and follow FR 38 about 3-1/2 miles to spur 200 on the left (north). This is on the boundary between sections 16 and 17. Take spur 200 to the summit, about 4 to 5 miles..

The roads were all Mazda 626-passable when we were there, except for a downed tree we couldn't get around about 2 miles short of the peak (4WD vehicles had gone around it), so we walked the end bit.

Warning: I have lost my notes from this trip and am reconstructing this from maps. Don't be surprised if the mileages are off by 10% or 20%.