Wheeler County Highpoint Trip Report

Spanish Peak (6,871 ft)

Date: August 24, 2005
Author: Michael Schwartz

Previous reports got me to the summit nicely. Here are my mileage readings plus a few comments.

FR12 from US 26 to the junction with FR1250: 14.9 miles (first 7 miles paved).
FR1250 to FR38: 3.8 miles.
FR38 to Spur #200: 4.6 miles.
Spur 200 to summit: 5.1 miles.

Spur 200 has not improved since the last report and is very rocky. It also has a high crown in spots. At 3.3 miles from FR38, I had to detour around a very large tree that had fallen across the road. Other drivers had forged a path around it but, where the path joins and rejoins the main road, very high humps bottomed out even my high-clearance SUV. The path itself is very short and in good condition. From the location of the tree described in Ken Jones' 1997 report, I have to wonder if these trees are the same.