Wheeler County Highpoint Trip Report

Spanish Peak (6,871 ft)

Date: October 5, 2008
Author: Ken Russell

Directions in previous reports worked well. I came in FS 12 and passed numerous elk hunter camps. There were even three camps along spur road 200. FS 200 is still rough with high rocks and a few muddy rutted areas. High clearance definitely a plus but I did not have to use the 4WD on my truck. Drove all the way to the summit. There is now a microwave antenna just below the summit on the west side. Had brief glimpses of Strawberry Peak to the east and Lookout to the west.

Headed south to Paulina on the way out. I assumed that the town would be big enough for one gas pump but the place was so small we drove through without realizing it was Paulina until much later. Had less than half a gallon of gas when I got to Prineville. Also missed a deer by less than a foot at 50 mph.