Yamhill County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: July 5, 2007
Author: Layne Bracy

Yamhill proved a little tough. First, I had some trouble locating the Trask Toll Road. If you get to the road leading to Flying M Ranch you've gone too far. Second, the road was gated and locked despite a sign saying the road closes at 3:30 pm.

My GPS read 5.7 miles to the summit and I hoped that meant not much more than 6 miles one-way. I knew I was supposed to drive 12 miles on the road but I figured I'd done some of it getting to the gate. Throwing 3 quarts of Gatorade into my pack, I started marching. After reaching mile 5 on the road, I noted I was still 2.5 miles from the summit by GPS and actually getting further from it! At this point it dawns on me that I'm basically walking the entire 12 miles.

Well, I bushwhacked some, trying to cut off the distance. I wouldn't do this again, as my GPS had trouble receiving a signal and the terrain was not pleasant. Fortunately, I ran into an overgrown dirt road that led me to the main road again. The next mile marker I saw was 10, so I figure I did at least cut off some distance.

The rest of the walk to the summit was uneventful - I chatted with a couple workers and found the summit. By now, I was roasting in the midday heat and had to ration my last 2 liters for the 11.5 mile walk down the road.

It took about 7 hours round-trip.