Oregon Placenames Pronunciation *1-3

*1content by Bob Bolton (Vancouver, Washington)

*2wordsmithed by Adam Helman

*3Standard pronunciation symbols are not used
    because most readers are unfamiliar with them.
    A key to standard symbols is available here.

Oregon: "OARY-gun" (not "AHR-uh-gone", "OAR-uh-gone", or "OARY-gone" !!)

Multnomah County: "mult-NOH-muh"

Clackamas County: "CLACK-uh-mus"

Malheur County: "MAL-hyure" (rhymes with "sure")

Mount Thielsen: "TEAL-sun" - highpoint of Douglas and Klamath Counties

Pronunciations unrelated to county highpointing -

Willamette River: "will-A-mut" (short "A") - a major Oregon river.

Eugene: "you-JEAN"

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