Butler County Highpoint Trip Report

five points (1,580+ ft)

Date: June 28, 2008
Authors: Don Desrosiers, Chip Clark, and Fred Lobdell

Area east of Annisville - Previous directions and a map will get you there. The North Washington School is now a furniture company. We parked in the driveway of the abandoned house (just past house) and walked up through the field. We felt the HP was closer to the road than not. This one is a GFE ("good-faith effort").

Area north of Annisville - The dirt road shown to the west of the point is gated and grassed over. Thus, your best route may well be the classic "Trader Horn" approach. We were aided on this one by several ATV trails which brought us right by where we wanted to be.

Area 1 mile southwest of Eau Claire - Unsigned Walheim Road is now Anderson Road (T520) and there are no bovines this year but otherwise life was good. Walked up through the hay field to this flat crest.

Area 1.5 mile southeast of Eau Clair - The fences were not electrified so we followed Mike's directions to the vicinity. When you get there, it is a GFE on the point.

BM Kelly - Nobody was home at the landowner's house except two dogs. We felt that had they been able to talk they would have given us permission to access this point. We got in and got out.