Gower Reserve Ridgeline Highpoint Trip Report

two hills (2,360+ and 2,400+ ft)

Date: February 2, 2003

Having previously climbed Mt Gower itself, I went with my friend John Harrington around November last year to find a hiking trail leading to the prominent east-west trending ridge just north of the trailhead parking area.

We were stymied by completely unmaintained trails - and I proposed to bushwack up the slope. John was reluctant and so I did the "sociable thing" and simply gave up with the intention of coming back solo at a later date.

I returned in early February on a gorgeous Sunday morning. My initial route led to class 2 boulders with much brush - and it quickly became a nightmare.

I retreated and, by a stroke of good fortune, located a trail that heads in the general direction of the desired ridge. The trail topped out in-between two hills that are on either side of the saddle where the trail meets the ridge. I climbed the first hill (about fifty feet of gain) to the WSW (2,360+ ft) ..., returned to the saddle and then climbed the second hill to the ENE along a jeep trail (about one hundred feet of gain) that curved around the northwest flank thereof (2,400+ ft).

Called mother by cell phone and then enjoyed gruyere, grapes and Fruit Loops at the top.

The highest point of this ridge lay to the northeast at just under 2,600 ft: however that hill had a house on top and I did not feel the chances of getting permission warranted the additional effort.

My return to the truck was uneventful and occupied about 25 minutes - far shorter than the time for ascent given my initial failure at a cross-country bid followed by thrashing about to find another means of approach.