Harbison Canyon Highpoint Trip Report

2,258 ft

I started around 6 AM Sunday morning - passing private property as I headed up a dirt road in a generally southerly direction from I-8. Avoided a home located near a paved section of road by bushwacking, and regained the road higher up after the home was passed (perhaps at 1,900 feet elevation).

I encountered two barking dogs that chased me down the road, losing altitude as a passed over the saddle. After the dogs left I climbed the steep slope in a northerly direction towards the highpoint located 300 feet higher. Got to top about 7 AM and spent perhaps ten or fifteen minutes.

I decided to avoid the (untethered) dogs by returning via a circuitous route that took me to the south side of the mountain; through the community of Harbison Canyon; and eventually found myself at my Saturn car after 4-5 miles of road walking (9:36 AM).