Lush, green ferns and pristine forest belie our trek's hardships -
my tent mate unable to sleep a wink and returning sans summit.
Then too 9 inch mud labors to suck off my boots the next day:

Kawaikini resists us to the very end!

Our group, the "Soggy Six", returns from that epic battle against
rain and general misery with wrinkled, blister-enhanced feet -
yet hearts soar in triumph as we enjoy the first hot meal in three days.

Kawaikini is the true prize - highest point of Kauai the island and county.
However more awaits us on Moloka'i...

We have neither trip report nor guidance for its highest peak, Kamakou -
only a vague notion of bushwhacking in purest jungle from boardwalk's end
along a general path southeast.

We start and end in darkness, benighted at dusk and forced to
navigate by headlamp, GPS device and compass in trackless forest.

OH THE JOY of returning to that 8 inch wide boardwalk!

County highpointers webmaster Adam Helman organized this Hawaiian extreme peakbagging feast, accompanied by Duane Gilliland, UK prominence-bagger Rob Woodall, Tucson "desert rat" John Klein, Laura Newman and Art Janssen.

Joining them on Moloka'i are Apex To Zenith Editor John Mitchler, trail-runner Don Nelsen and county highpoint 'King' Bob Packard.

Duane, John K, Rob and Adam all complete the 5 Hawaii county highpoints.

Don't repeat our efforts without serious consideration of the elements and a strong willingness to suffer unrelenting rain and dampness for the greater goal. Recall that Kawaikini lies but one mile from Mount Wai'ale'ale, officially the wettest spot on Earth with 460 inches of rain recorded annually. At Kawaikini a rope is recommended for the stream crossing near Koai'e Camp.

1  © January 2013 Adam Helman