Far East 2012 Japanese Ultra Route Maps
© Adam Helman June and September 2012

Ultra prominence route maps are presented in chronological order according to the realized itinerary, beginning with Fuji-san and concluding with Kita-dake. For best viewing re-size maps to "100%" scale if your browser initially displays at a smaller scale.

Maps are saved and printed by right-clicking on each one followed by invoking the "Save As" option. Annotated coordinates for key locations, including trail junctions and summits employ the WGS84 datum.

Both Iwate-san and Rishiri-zan are included even though the latter peak was never visited.

For Yotei-zan the southwest route was taken.

For Iwate-san a southern ascent route was used, not shown on the current map set apart from its convergence with other routes at the crater and summit areas. Details of that ascent (including a GPS track) are available at Rob Woodall's description, and includes a re-routing of the trail for its first 900 horizontal meters.

Fuji-san -     trailhead         map 2         crater rim and summit
Asahi-dake -     cable car         route and summit
Rishiri-zan -     trailhead         map 2         map 3         summit
Yotei-zan -     NW trail         NE trail         SE trail         SW trailhead         SW route map 2         crater and summit
Iwate-san -     NE trailheads         NE routes map 2 and summit         SE route and summit
Komaga-take -     cable car         route and summit
Ontake-san -     cable car system         trail         summit
Aka-dake -     trailhead         map 2         summit
Kita-dake -     trailhead         summit