Long Valley subPeak Trip Report

4,840+ ft

Began hiking from the carpark located just off I-8 at 6:20 AM. Fingers cold (wore gloves) and wore my parka until when, some 25 minutes later, I had traveled on the jeep trail far enough to contemplate leaving it for the summit.

Major bushwack from the east. My polypro longjohns ripped at the left knee just below a sub peak of my intended goal - Long Valley Peak itself. Furthermore my green parka was located exterior to my blue daypack and was starting to get ripped as well.

In light of the desire to maintain the integrity of my parka, and the fact that the next 300 horizontal feet (and perhaps 50 vertical feet) to the summit would entail one-half hour each way, I decided to quit at the subpeak immediately south (4,840+ ft).

On descent I found a gully that made for easier travel to the jeep trail located on the eastern flank of the mountain. The gully is on a heading of perhaps 150 degrees true from the subpeak and avoids the worst of the brush. Alternatively an approach from the west may be best for a future attempt on the main summit.

I doubt this mountain is worth a fifty dollar piece of clothing. Nonetheless I did enjoy the views, as well as my sweet snack food, at the subpeak.