Mark Adrian's Fiftieth Birthday Hike Trip Report

Pine Mountain Loop and Pine Mountain (5,640-5,680 feet)

Date: March 30, 2008
Author: Adam Helman
Participants: Mark and 15 friends - including one dog

Note: All photographs are courtesy of Mark Adrian.
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The weather could have forced cancellation. However under windy conditions we all set out on an easy loop hike in celebration of Mark Adrian's big 50th birthday.

We split into two small groups at a backcountry junction, with some, including Mark and myself, detouring to summit nearby Pine Mountain.

Pine Mountain has an interpolated (mean) prominence of just 160 feet, noting a higher hill immediately north-northeast. However this author considers reaching any local terrain maximum as a worthwhile experience provided that physical effort is involved.

Most of us remain for a picnic gathering featuring assorted edibles including, but not limited to, Gail Hanna's tomato/basil pesto dip, Adam Helman's sweet Israeli red wine (served with Norwegian Jarlsberg cheese and firm rye bread); deviled eggs (decadent), tortilla chips with dip, and much much beer.

What this morning gathering lacks in rigor it compensates for in sheer numbers of participants and enjoyable conversation. I for one had a good time, and this despite the often blustery conditions.

additional photographs

conference Mark summit note
Reviewing hiking options
at a trail junction.
Mark Mark's note for the
Pine Mountain summit register.