Soledad Mountain Trip Reports

822 ft

First ascent

This hill located in the center of urban San Diego was climbed from downtown La Jolla on the eve of the new millennium as December 31, 2000. I reached the summit park at roughly 11:45 PM in time for the requisite fireworks displays over the cityscape sprawled about. Perhaps under 45 minutes for the "ascent".

Many had arrived for the event - some well attired and with limousines. Champagne and photographs. I stood out as what may have appeared by my dark climbing clothing as some kind of night stalker - complete with headlamp.

Second ascent

In anticipation of an ascent of Aconcagua the following winter, I desired to "connect" the starting and ending elevations of ascents such that the minimum number is required to go from sea level to the summit of our Western World (Aconcagua, 22834 ft).

Thereby on the morning of Sunday June 16, 2002 I dipped my fingers in the Pacific Ocean at La Jolla and hiked up Soledad Mtn within an hour. There was a slight drizzle and a teenager with a digital camera took my photo with the city and beach as background.