Central British Columbia 5,000+ Foot Prominence Cell Map *

* By Edward Earl

Map Comments

This representation of central British Columbia 5,000+ foot prominence cells comes with the following description by Edward Earl (March 2005).

"The map should be used with one caveat. The peak list on which this cell map is based is not exactly the same as the true British Columbia 5,000 foot prominence list; it is simply those peaks which appear to have at least 2,000 foot prominence based on the raw SRTM data. A few peaks that have at least 5,000 foot prominence may not be represented on the cell map; similarly, a few peaks that less than 5,000 foot prominence may show on the map. Therefore the map must be regarded with skepticism for peaks near the 5,000 foot cutoff value."

The originally provided map is somewhat large for efficient Internet transmission unless you have a high-speed connection. Thereby a smaller version of the map is shown here with, unfortunately, some of the detail lost due to the resizing.

To recover the original map, just click inside the small map on this page. Beware of the download time - this is a quarter megabyte GIF image. YOU HAVE BEEN FOREWARNED!!

British Columbia central cell map

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