California Prominence Completion Maps

This page is an index to maps that portray the cells of prominent California summits. A prominence cutoff value of 2,900 feet corresponds to the California Fifty Finest list. A 2,000 foot cutoff yields a cell map with all 163 peaks on the California 2,000+ foot prominence list represented. The corresponding 2,000+ foot prominence map is available.

Adam Helman and Edward Earl prepared the Fifty Finest cell map; Aaron Maizlish the 2,000 foot cell map. Adam then modified the latter map to make it painter-friendly.

Edward Earl later prepared his own 2,000 foot cell map, one with more accurate cell borders in certain cases. This map is available below from the link "blank 2,000+ Foot map".

The 2,000 foot map contains 169 cells rather than 163. The additional six cells represent peaks in the gray zone that might have 2,000 feet of prominence - Salmon Mountain, Bonanza King, Brushy Mountain, Mount Johnson, Mount Tom, and Mount Hood.

Note that "South Yolla Bolly" and "Mount Linn" are synonymous. With 4,814 feet of clean prominence it ranks tenth, and is the most prominent peak in California that is not an ultra summit.

blank Fifty Finest map blank 2,000+ Foot map
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