Washington Prominence Completion Maps

This page is an index to maps that portray the cells of prominent Washington summits. A 2,000 foot cutoff yields a cell map with all 144 peaks on the Washington 2,000+ foot prominence list represented. The corresponding 2,000+ foot prominence map is available.

Paul Klenke recently completed a very attractive Washington 2,000 foot web page at summitpost.org.

Eric Noel prepared the 2,000+ foot cell map. One-third scale versions of completion maps are provided that allow the entire state to be visible in one view.

John Roper, once sole completer of the 144 peak list, compiled difficulty ratings for each summit.
Eric Noel produced this difficulty ratings map based on John's list available here as an Excel spreadsheet.

Since John's pioneering efforts three more Washington climbers have finished this list - Paul Klenke, Andy Boos and Martin Shetter.

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