Raised Relief Prominence Maps for Kansas and Saskatchewan *1,2

*1 content by Edward Earl
*2 wordsmithed by Adam Helman

With all the talk about the flatness of Kansas and Saskatchewan, I decided to take a light technical look.
Using the SRTM30 data, I generated a shaded relief map for both -

The Kansas map goes from 37N to 40N and from 9440'W to 102W. The Saskatchewan map goes from 49N to 60N and from 100W to 110W. The Saskatchewan-Manitoba border varies from about 102W to 10130'W; I chose not to clip Manitoba from the map because the Manitoba prominence winner may be showing.

Both Kansas and Saskatchewan are shown at the same scale and with the same degree of shading. Saskatchewan is by far the more interesting! Most notable is a northwest to southeast - trending line of mesas sprawling across the eastern border of the province and on into Manitoba, and as noted in a previous message by Mike Cleven. Each of these mesas has about 1,000 feet of prominence.

I ran a cursory prominence analysis of Saskatchewan (and western Manitoba). Peaks with over 500 feet of prominence are shown as olive triangles, and their saddles are green circles. The results are listed below. When a number shows up in the "Off" column, it is the prominence to which the peak might be lowered by rising terrain outside of the area included in the analysis.

In a few cases, the peaks and/or saddles are ambiguous because of their apparently equal heights. Thereby I cannot tell which is the true prominence winner, and, as such, I listed all possibilities. I was able to identify only a handful of the peaks using an atlas, and I leave it to our Canadian contingent to continue the work.

MB = Manitoba, ND = North Dakota, SK = Saskatchewan

On     Off Elev                 Location                         Name Elev                 Location
1198 2730   5128'30"N 10043'30"W   Baldy Mtn MB 1532   5118'00"N 10137'30"W
1125 2700   5243'00"N 10127'30"W   Harte Mtn MB 1575   5227'00"N 10215'00"W
1109 2703   5325'00"N 10218'30"W   SK 1594   5254'00"N 10332'30"W
1042 2541   4900'00"N 10025'30"W   Boundary Butte MB/ND 1499   4811'00"N 10033'30"W
1499   4812'30"N 10030'00"W
886   5712641   5307'00"N 10729'30"W 1755   5334'30"N 10954'00"W
876   8532825   5051'00"N 10746'00"W 1949   5102'00"N 10858'00"W
817 2474   5445'30"N 10420'30"W 1657   5337'00"N 10633'00"W
810 2703   4946'30"N 10229'30"W 1893   5001'30"N 10430'30"W
1893   5009'00"N 10420'00"W
1893   5010'00"N 10418'00"W
1893   5010'30"N 10415'00"W
748 2454   5115'00"N 10415'00"W 1706   5157'30"N 10605'00"W
741   3872454   5445'00"N 10842'00"W 1713   5415'00"N 10951'30"W
2454   5444'30"N 10845'30"W
689 2402   5351'00"N 10624'00"W 1713   5404'00"N 10538'00"W
682 4206   4938'30"N 10935'30"W 3524   4935'30"N 10939'30"W
647 2402   5418'30"N 10429'30"W 1755   5426'00"N 10452'00"W
623   4172044   5702'30"N 10606'00"W 1421   5653'30"N 10847'30"W
2044   5702'00"N 10608'00"W
578 2356   5053'00"N 10000'00"W 1778   5112'00"N 10110'30"W
515 2808   4959'30"N 10513'00"W 2293   5030'00"N 10633'30"W
2293   5028'00"N 10628'00"W

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