Kent County High Point Trip Report

Bald Hill (629 ft)

Date: June 2000
Author: Dave Covill

Drove up route 102 to Plain Meeting House Road, well signed, 3.3 miles from I-95. 1.0 miles to crest of road, just past Big Joe's Tree Farm (?) spotted Welsh Road (dirt) to right, just past it was driveway to HP. Not marked or signed at all, no street #. At head of road was large clearing, with dirt mounds, and some kind of truck operation going on. Went 0.15 miles of the 0.3 available out the driveway. Stopped by some boulders by road, walked to others in woods, mostly to west. Concluded that road boulder is highest.

House had no one home, even though garage door was open, and car in yard.