Providence County High Point Trip Report

Jerimoth Hill (812 ft)

Date: September 5, 1999
Author: Ron Tagliapietra

I visited on the second open-access date. After two previous failures, it sure was great that Dave Covill got these access dates set up. The day before, I did the other 4 RI counties, so I became the first to complete a state on its state hp here.

To reach it, go to the CT-RI state line on highway 101. This is about 5 miles east of I-395 in CT or about 7 miles west of RI 102. From the state line, drive east almost one mile until you reach the highest point on the road. There is a sign by the road (on the north side) stating that you have reached Jerimoth Hill, the state hp, 812 feet.

This is not the actual hp, but it has been accepted by the Highpointers Club for quite sometime for RI credit. However to get credit for Providence County, you will need to visit the true highpoint on an open access date. Along the south side of the road, you will see many signs warning highpointers against trying to visit the actual spot. Do not try to reach it if you are not visiting on an open access date. The property you would have to cross has countless motion detectors, and you cannot reach the spot without being detected no matter how it looks. Please do not make it harder to set up access dates by attempting this hp when it is not open to the public. The dates are always published in the Highpointers Quarterly (about 4 per year). While the big rock is only about 0.1 mile down the driveway (and on property belonging to Brown University), almost the entire driveway is on privately owned land.