Washington County High Point Trip Report

Black Plain Hill (560+ ft)

Date: June 2000
Author: Dave Covill

Drove all the way around this wooded rectangle, ~ 1 square mile (actually 1/2 mile by 1.5 miles). Visited a Mrs. Cahoone, #92 Black Plain Rd., whose house is at the only intersection of the high contour and that road. Got permission to roam the woods behind her house. Once ~ 200' out, it opened up to a large clearing of several acres, replete with many (dozens) of abandoned junkers, even school buses -- very ugly! Radio tower near SW corner is at least 5-10' low. High spot appeared to be in center, ~ 1/2" above B in Black Plain on topo. Drove around to route 3 side, inquired at a few spots. Found a dirt lane in near NE part of contour, mailbox labeled # 247. It went into the center of that end of the contour, to a crappy little hut, hand-leveling back to SW looked higher up there, where I had been. Concluded, unless I missed a stray boulder, that I had been on HP near bus. No view at all. Stop at Middle of Nowhere Diner on Route 3 for grub!