Washington County Highpoint Trip Report

Black Plain Hill (560+ ft)

Date: February 17, 2008
Author: Dan Case

I would use the mailbox at #97 as a guide to the location of the commonly-used access path; #92 no longer seems to be up or at least is not marked with a visible house number. This of course means that if you're coming down Black Plain from the north, you'll have gone just too far when you see #97.

The old car that blocked it on previous trips has been replaced with a more aesthetically- pleasing but no less obstructing pile of brush. It seems to me that they have had a bit of a problem with ATVers here in the past.

No problem walking down the path to the clearing, currently filled with piles of abandoned tires. As with other trips, no easy way to determine where highest ground is, so walk until satisfied.

On departure, I noticed that the clearing seems to be just behind a new restaurant on southbound RI 3 called the Black Water Tavern and that its parking lot could be the beginning of a shorter bushwhack to the clearing in the future if access becomes less tenable from the residential street to the west.