Abbeville County High Point Trip Report

Parsons Mountain (832 ft)

Date: August 22, 1998
Author: Ron Tagliapietra

From Abbeville (and its historic sites where the Confederacy was planned, and where the Confederacy also ended) drive south on SC 28. You will see a sign for Parsons Mtn. Lake, but that is not the quickest way to the summit. Continue down SC 28 until you see a gravel road on the left with an FS 515 sign (you are in Sumter NF). Drive perhaps a half mile on this gravel road to another gravel road coming in from the right. The road is gated and signs prohibit vehicles beyond.

Walk up the road five minutes to the fire tower that rises above the forested summit. Note the survey marker on the rock in front of the signboard by the tower, but follow the ridge back of the tower toward the outhouse to find a benchmark in the true summit rock.