Bamberg County High Point Trip Report

Date: September 19, 1999
Author: Ron Tagliapietra

From US 78 at the Barnwell-Bamberg county line, go east to the first paved left (sign for Mt. Zion church. After about 0.6 mi., the road crests (within sight of the stop aat the T intersection). This is the largest contour of the three by far but the west edge is in another county and the central area contains a swamp in a depression. Thus, the eastern part has the best case for HP, and we wandered here at some length but it all seems flat. Next, we continued north to the T, turned left on the jeep track. At almost a half mile it crosses the county line and curves right to parallel the line. It reaches a summit in cotton fields, but there are wide grassy paths between plantings and we walked east on one of these to return across the county line into the second area (a liner). There was a clear descent hee, so it is very possible that this is the HP (it certainly would be if the county line were 100 yards west because of the higher contour jest west of the jeep road). I recommend going back the way you came, but we continued the quarter mile to a major road negotiating sandy soil and bad ruts. Going east to the next paved road (sign for Mt. Zion church again), we drove a half mile to the rise just west of the third area. Walking east into more rows of pines, this area also seemed flat. Our walking aroused flocks of birds that made a sound of rain or rushing wind. We walked around at some length, but I think this is the least likely of the three (based on impression only).