Barnwell County Highpoint Trip Report

two areas

Date: September 19, 1999
Author: Ron Tagliapietra

From US 78 at Williston, turn north to cross the obvious route that formerly had railroad tracks. Then head west a mile until the road forks. Follow the main road right away from the "tracks". Continue two miles to Wild Rose Rd. on the left. Just before you reach this road, notice the small fenced property with a jeep track outside the fence in the fields adjacent to the corner property. We walked around on these jeep trails (not posted) trying to identify the highest point. There is visible elevation change here, but trees block lines of sight between rises. As we drove beyond to the corner, though, I became convinced that we had gone up and I think the highest spot in the large contour is in the fence with the cows and bulls at the corner. This corner property is Wild Rose Farm, and the family was very gracious and let us walk around and showed interest in the map of their area. Braving the bull was the big adventure of the weekend. Continue down Wild Rose Rd. around the curve and halfway to the T (a quarter mile). The map shows the other region here. We walked around in the pines and stopped in the adjacent lot, but I think this smaller contour is lower than the large one (the road appears to descend from Wild Rose Farm).