Beaufort County High Point Trip Report

6 spots (45-50 ft)

Date: February 1, 2003
Author: Ron Tagliapietra

I attempted to visit all 6 spots. I did visit the three southern spots near Pritchardville. The first of these three spots includes Pritchardville itself. Next, there is the small area south of the lookout tower site. Finally, there is the lookout tower site itself, which is in the largest of the areas, though most of the large area is north of the road. Of these three, the lookout site is clearly the highest. The tower is long gone, but the footings are still there. You can park on the either shoulder near the chain across the driveway. From there, you can walk to the small area further south and the large area north of the road. Another possible parking area for the area north of the road is May River Baptist Church and Cemetery. However, the man who directed me to the lookout tower site said the site is probably the highest point in the county. I think it is obviously the highest point in this area, and there is no need to visit any either of the smaller areas of these three.

A fourth area was at Laurel Bay on the military base. I was denied permission to enter the base. However, that spot is probably man made, and so I don't think anyone really needs to visit this one either.

The last two areas are not too far from I-95 near Yemassee and are the northernmost of the six. Both the northwest and east roads to the highpoints were gated and posted. The eastern road was busier and therefore the gate was bigger. I did not check out the southwest or southeast roads.