Calhoun County High Point Trip Report

Date: October 18, 1999
Author: Ron Tagliapietra

This one is tough to be sure we got, but I am as sure as I can be. On SC 6 traveling west of the Calhoun county line, you will find signs for Horse Neck Road and then Calvary Church Rd. The first goes about a mile to the county line and a gated dirt road that may go the right direction.

However, we went down Calvary Church Rd. a mile to a sharp right (gravel to left) and then another 0.75 mi. to a T. Turning left, we came to the county line in a half mile and parked on the right curve immediately after that (after a depression or stream bed shown on the topo).

We followed the contour of the stream on the south side northeast into pines as it climbed and crossed a dirt road. We continued until we could not go higher and stood on two likely spots. (3 meter contours are the pits). Note that the road on the topo bounding the area on the south (McElwein Rd.) is heavily posted.