Dillon County High Point Trip Report

Date: January 18, 1999
Author: Fred Lobdell

General: The high point of Dillon County lies almost on the North Carolina state line, a short distance east of the Marlboro County line. It is an area that is recovering from a recent clear-cut. The access road is gated but not posted.

Access: From Exit 193 on I-95 near the town of Dillon, go west on SC 9 about 3 miles to where a paved road goes off at an angle to the left. (This is Steed Road in North Carolina; I don't know its name in South Carolina. If you get to the state line, you've gone too far and need to backtrack about 0.3 mile.) Turn left and go up this road about a half mile to the state line. Park here.

Directions to highpoint: There will be a gate on the west side of the road. Walk around the gate and go up the dirt road about 0.2 mile to a "T" intersection. Turn right (north) and follow the road as it crosses into North Carolina, then curves back to the left to re-enter South Carolina, then goes right again to regain the state line. At this point the road goes almost due northwest along the state line. Follow it as it descends into a small hollow, then rises to a high area. Continue along this high area until the road just starts to descend. At this point there should be a rough road, not shown on the map, on your left. Go left (southwest) here to where this road, too, just starts to descend. At this point you should turn left again and bushwhack through scrubby second growth, climbing to the top of a low hill. Continue along the summit ridge until it starts to descend. You will have passed over Dillon County's high point. You may now retrace your steps, or bushwhack northeast until you regain your original road, which you can then follow back to your vehicle.

This is a round trip hike of about 2.6 miles, mostly on a good dirt road, with an elevation gain of about 50 feet. It took me 50 minutes.