Edgefield County High Point Trip Report

nine spots (670-680 ft)

Author: Ron Tagliapietra

The first two of these 9 were near Trenton. On US 25, about a mile beyond the junction with SC 19 and SC 121, is James Road on the right (just beyond the radio tower). Turn left here onto gravel and drive to the fenced water tower. Tromp around behind the fence to reach the highest point.

Next, continue west and turn right into a driveway that goes up the hill, and get permission. Next return to the junction with SC 121 and turn left.

The other 7 areas are near Johnston. Once you reach downtown Johnston, turn right on SC 23, drive almost 2 miles to the county line, and turn around. The mansion now just ahead and to your right is at a highpoint. Take the road opposite the house for 0.1 mile to the railroad tracks for two more areas. Park along the shoulder. These two seemed lower than those on the main road but since it was dark I could not hand-level.

Return to SC 23 and turn left, going to the next house on the right. The driveway ends behind the old house, which you can use as a turnaround (the dogs were all chained). This one is the highest spot elevation in the county (678 feet), and is obviously higher than the area south of the road.

Continue west to the road marked Long Cane Road on the topo, but named something else now. Park on the right shoulder about half way to the radio tower and walk around.

Return to SC 23, continue west to the last hp area, also on a driveway with a turn around behind the nice house.