Fairfield County High Point Trip Report

Date: March, 1999
Author: Fred Lobdell

From Exit 34 on I-77, go west on SC 34 about 2 or 3 miles to the hamlet of Simpson. The three candidates for the HP (at 650+ feet) are all south of Simpson. Where the state highway bends sharply right, make a hard left and go south about 0.2 miles to an intersection. Bear right and go to a height of land, opposite some woods on your left (east). (The entire area is being built up; it may be that woods will be difficult to find before too long.) Park here and walk east, then southeast into the woods, skirting around peoples' yards. If you get to the radio tower you will note that the land starts dropping before the tower is reached; apparently the HP is north of the tower.

For the second (westernmost) area, continue south on the road almost to where a road (True Luck Rd.) goes off to your left. Park here and enter the woods on your right (west). After passing through the woods you will enter a cut over area, with an obvious hill in front of you. Walk to the top of the hill.

The third (easternmost) area is reached by taking True Luck Rd. to its end and turning left (north). Drive to a height of land past some houses and park by some woods. Walk east into the woods to the higher ground.

This entire area is a neighborhood, and I got some hard looks (including one from the local gendarme) as I slowly drove around the area 3 times, looking for the best approaches.