Florence County High Point Trip Report

Date: December 13, 1999
Author: Fred Lobdell

From exit 146 on I-95, take SC 341 northwest about 5 miles to the village of Lynchburg. Turn right (northeast) on US 76 and go about 3 miles to the hamlet of Cartersville. Take the second left turn in Cartersville (Lamar Road) and take this road north for almost 2 miles, passing into Darlington County in the process. Take the first paved right turn (St. Paul Rd.) after entering Darlington Co. and go northeast for about 0.5 miles. After dropping down to cross a drainage (shown on the topo as Deep Hole Swamp) pull into the first driveway on the right as the road rises again.

The topo shows a landing strip here, but all that was evident was an old track leading back into a farm field. There is a house and outbuildings just past this point, and I pulled into their yard to request permission to walk back into the field. I rang the bell and knocked both at the main house and at a smaller dwelling in back, where there was a cat and a litter box, but either nobody was home or no one was responding to knocks.

The Florence County line scales off at just about exactly 0.2 miles, or 1000 feet, southeast from the paved road, and the HP is just across the county line. It is the highest piece of ground in the area, in either county, so it is pretty obvious where the HP has to be even if the county line isn't marked on the ground. It looks possible to drive back about half the distance to an area south of the outbuildings, then walk the rest of the distance. The HP is in a farm field, where it rises gently above the surrounding terrain.