Florence County High Point Trip Report

Date: February 17, 2002
Author: Ron Tagliapietra

From Lynchburg (5 miles north of I-95), we drove 3 miles east into Cartersville and turned north onto Lamar Road. Passing into Darlington County, we turned right on the first paved road, St. Paul Road. We pulled into the first driveway on the right after crossing a bridge over Deep Hole Swamp.

The man was home and came outside as we pulled up. He granted permission to walk into the fields in his backyard, but was at first skeptical about our intentions. Apparently, he has had some trouble with locals (but his hobby is modifying golf carts, so he can always catch them!). He said he put in the landing strip himself (he is a pilot), but he hasn't flown for awhile. He was quite surprised to see it on the topo map.

The large mounds to the left confused us at first, but they are shown on the topo and are neither as high as the field nor in the correct county. Thus, after walking over to them, we walked back to the field.

Statistics: 0.5 mile round trip, one-half hour duration, 10 feet of gain.