Jasper County High Point Trip Report

Date: April 14, 2003
Author: Ken Oeser

About 0.4 mile south of the Hampton/Jasper county line on US 601, turn right onto a private road if the gate is open. This is owned by the Pineland Plantation, a nursery farm. Turn right after 100 feet, then go about 0.2 mile and turn left into the driveway. We were directed to John, the owner or manager of the plantation, who allowed us to walk to the area on his land. This contour starts about 300 feet behind some of the houses, and includes part of a field and some pine woods, both about the same elevation.

We then drove over to the other access road to the other 3 contours, but the gate was locked and posted by Mulberry Island Plantation, which I can't find on Internet searches. The owner of Pineland Plantation didn't know who owned this area, but thought maybe one man or forest land. He asked how long we would be, and we told him only about 5 minutes. He then looked at the map again and seemed a little friendlier, but didn't understand our hobby. He was busy directing some workers in the nursery field, so didn't have much time to help us.